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ACFID Membership Granted to the Kokoda Track Foundation

The Kokoda Track Foundation has been awarded Interim Full Membership status by the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Executive Committee at their June 2014 meeting. The Foundation is now part of a network which unites Australia’s non-government aid and international development organisations to strengthen their collective impact against poverty.


The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) is the peak Council for Australian not-for-profit aid and development organisations working to attain a world where gross inequali

ty and extreme poverty are eradicated. ACFID currently has over 100 members operating in more than 100 developing countries. ACFID’s members range between large Australian multi-sectoral organisations that are linked to international federations of NGOs, to agencies with specialised thematic expertise, and smaller community based groups, with a mix of secular and faith based organisations.

The Kokoda Track Foundation is also a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct, which is a voluntary, self-regulatory sector code of good practice. As a signatory the Foundation is committed to and fully adheres to the ACFID Code of Conduct, conducting its work with transparency, accountability and integrity.

“The Foundation is proud to achieve this significant milestone and delighted to be working alongside esteemed NGOs seeking to eradicate poverty.” says Dr Genevieve Nelson, executive director of the Foundation.

“We are committed to the aims and operating principles of ACFID including a human rights approach to development and the fostering of gender equality”

The Foundation is currently an Interim Full Member and anticipates becoming a Full Member in October 2014 at ACFID’s Annual General Meeting.

For more information visit the websites of the Foundation and or

An Update on the Kokoda College

collegeOctober 2013 marked an important month for the people of Papua New Guinea. Construction began on schedule for the Kokoda College, a state-of-the-art training facility based in Kou-Kou village along the Kokoda Track. The Kokoda Track Foundation’s most ambitious project to date, this College will train desperately needed elementary teachers, primary teachers and community health workers for PNG.

The rainy season arrived early this year in the Oro Province, causing some delays, however there has still been steady progress on the build. We currently have a team working tirelessly on the ground in PNG for the development of the College, and Petra Arifeae, our project manager, is also on site to oversee. The College is projected to open its doors at the end of 2014, and within its first 3 years of operation will train enough professionals to meet the needs of the entire Kokoda catchment area.

While the Kokoda College continues to remain our main focus, our other KTF projects are still going strong, providing support in education, health, microbusiness and community development across 40 villages along the Kokoda Track. Our annual Ralph Honner Oration Dinner saw fantastic results, and our ‘Krismas Givim’ campaign has recently launched for the holiday season.

As always, we are extremely appreciative to the Australian public’s generosity and support in the work that we do.

Painting a positive future for PNG

Jeffry Feeger’s colourful touch makes Foundation’s fundraiser most successful ever

Last Friday the Kokoda Track Foundation hosted its annual fundraising gala, the Ralph Honner Oration Dinner. The event is a celebration of the Foundation’s work as well as an opportunity to look to the future and help the Kokoda Track Foundation to continue their life changing work in PNG.

The evening began with a fantastic performance by PNG singer Ngaiire. Ngaiire, originally from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and now living in Australia and touring internationally, kicked-off the festivities with some of her finest songs.

The  leadership oration was delivered by the Foundation’s Ambassador, 93-year old Captain Bede Tongs MM. Prior to the oration, renowned PNG artist Jeffry Feeger was invited to create a portrait painting of Bede which he worked on throughout the night – the result was phenomenal. The painting was auctioned off for $6,700 at the end of the night.        

Patrick Lindsay, Chairman of the Foundation said: “The evening was a triumph on all fronts: technically, emotionally and financially. It was a wonderful showcase of the Foundation’s work, of our underlying purpose and of PNG’s great promise – as shown through the brilliant talents of Jeffry Feeger and Ngaiire.”

“And, of course, having our Living Treasures, our Kokoda veterans – highlighted by Bede’s spellbinding address – was the highlight of the night” he added.

The theme of the prestigious event was the Kokoda College, the Foundation’s newest and most challenging initiative. In an attempt to unlock the poverty cycle in Papua New Guinea, the Foundation is building a college in the jungle of PNG. The aim of the college is to train urgently-needed teachers and community health workers to educate and look after the next generation of young Papua New Guineans.

The Foundation raised an enormous $120,000 on the night thanks to the generosity of all who attended. These funds will make an extraordinary contribution to the Kokoda College and will provide training for many teachers and health workers for the Kokoda catchment region.

“This is our best result to date. We have had extraordinary feedback flowing in. The speeches from our PNG guests Rodney, Patricia and Junior resonated with all who attended as they witnessed them receive their awards of most outstanding community health worker, most outstanding teacher, and most outstanding student. It gave our guests a wonderful insight into our work.” Genevieve Nelson, Executive Director of the Kokoda Track Foundation said.

The Ralph Honner Oration Dinner was generously supported by Platinum dinner sponsors: PNG Tourism, Getaway Trekking and On Track Expeditions. An enormous thanks to our additional dinner sponsors including: Kirribilli Club, De Bortoli, Lion, One Water and Bianca Cardenas Photography.